Windows 10 IoT TPM Security

Windows 10 IoT TPM Security

If you have IoT devices in the field, it’s really important to have good security on it. Not all hardware devices have for example a TPM chip (they are cheap). With Windows 10 IoT you can use this chip to have a safer device in the field. With Windows 10 IoT you have the following TPM ‘software’ options:

  • On chip
  • Firmware
  • Discrete (L2C or SPL)
  • TPM Simulator-dev tool

With TPM you can secure your IoT Device with the following options:

  • Malware Protection
    Secure boot mechanism and the possibility to enable remote attestation with ‘Measured Boot’
  • Protect data
    Bitlocker, the same as on your Windows 10 device you can use Bitlocker on your IoT device. With Bitlocker you can protect your data with strong encryption and secure key storage.
  • Resist tampering

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