Smartdata flow with IoT Hub, Stream Analytics, Power BI data alerts and Microsoft Flow

Smartdata flow with IoT Hub, Stream Analytics, Power BI data alerts and Microsoft Flow

Several weeks a go a new function was released in Power BI, called Data Alerts. With Data Alerts you can create alerts on data in your Power BI Report. That data can off course flow from the Microsoft IoT Hub with Stream Analytics.  I will give you an example of a scenario. In the following report I count the amount of messages we receive from the Microsoft IoT Hub at a client. If the amount will exceed more than the threshold of 2300 I will need to receive an e-mail. And there comes Microsoft Flow.schermafbeelding-2016-12-07-om-11-40-38









If you click on the three points on the top right of the card in Power BI, you now will get some options:


Now you see a alert button in the middle. When you click on the alert button you will get a new screen:


In this screen you can manage the new alert. I have set a threshold above 2300 to get an alert. Hit ‘Save and Close’ and the alert is saved.

Now begins the cool stuff, Microsoft Flow added support for Power BI Alerts since three weeks. When you navigate to Microsoft Flow you can create a new Flow and search for Power BI:


Click on Power BI – When a data driven alerts is triggered and you see your alerts and the alert we just made:


Then you can create an action when the threshold is above the number 2300. And there comes the power of Flow.  In this example I will receive an e-mail, but off course you can also update Microsoft CRM or other (MS) services in Microsoft Flow. See here or a complet list.


Hit the save button and wait for the mail 🙂 Below the mail I received when the threshold was above 2300:


I really like this new functionality. Now you can easy create (data)flows with IoT solutions without the need of any programming!



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